As well as parental controls, you also get:

Advanced spam filtering – with image blocking to protect children from offensive content

BT Cleanfeed – blocks sites classified as illegal by the Internet Watch Foundation

Access to our internet abuse prevention team – for children or parents to report any concerns

Talk Talk
Talk Talk’s Internet security service is called HomeSafe. Built into the broadband network itself, HomeSafe is designed to help you block every device in your home from websites you've defined as unsuitable for your home. Parents also have the option to control the after school homework routine specifically. It's been developed in partnership with their panel of parents and online safety experts.

Virgin Media
Parental Controls is part of Virgin Media Security and is available for free to all Virgin Media broadband customers. With Virgin Media Security’s Parental Control you can: Screen out offensive material Filter sites by pre-defined age categories. Add exceptions or block specific sites Control access to specific content types like chat or social networking. Set an access schedule for individual users. See a history of sites viewed, including those that were blocked

Plusnet offer Plusnet Protect Internet security. With this service, either offered free or for a small charge dependent on your Broadband package, parents and carers are able to set safe boundaries for children with parental controls.  

Sky offer McAfee Internet Security suit, available free or for a small monthly charge dependent on your Broadband package. Parental Controls are included in this package, however all Sky Broadband customers can get McAfee Parental Controls on their own as a separate download, free and for up to three

McAfee’s Parental Controls help control when your children can be online, monitor/control what websites they can visit.