Report on the Impact of Primary PE and Sport Premium (SP) 2014 – 2015



Our sport premium grant was used to enhance the school’s PE and sports provision as outlined in the plan for 2013 – 2014. School budget was used to fund the main existing provision.


Impact Headlines

There had been an increase in pupil engagement in sport, with a positive impact on physical fitness, healthy lifestyles, skills and behaviour.

Sustainability was promoted by investing in staff CPD and monitoring impact to inform future spending.


Aim Outcomes (in brief)
Improving the quality of teaching and learning in PE Lesson observations and ‘learning walks’ showed improvement in the   quality of teaching and actual physical activity of pupils.
Increasing opportunities for children to access extra-curricular   activities Due to the membership of KESSP and sports coaches apprentice   development scheme the school was able to significantly increase   opportunities available for pupils of all ages. As a result pupils’ activity   levels improved.
Improving activity levels
Increasing the opportunities for competitive sport. These were increased significantly from the previous year as detailed   below.


We are members of King Edwards School Sports Partnership (paid for from SP) which enables us to access: advice on all aspects of developing our PE and sport provision; high quality development opportunities for teachers to enable them to improve teaching and learning in PE and opportunities for a wide range of inter-school competitions.



We have an exciting and varied programme of dance which is delivered by an expert dance teacher from nursery through to Year 6. The dance styles taught link very well to our school topics and cover a range of styles of dance from different cultures including English Traditional dances. This is the 3rd year that our dance curriculum has been delivered in this way and we are reaping the rewards as the children are now demonstrating: increased confidence, a greater enthusiasm for partaking in dance activities (especially the boys!): a noticeable improvement in their understanding of the elements of dance and good progress in their dance skills. Children have the opportunity to perform their dances to a variety of audiences. This year we are hoping to take part in a local festival of dance. Class Teachers work alongside the dance teacher so that they too can continue to develop their dance skills. The dance teacher also runs a lunch time club for those children who have a particular interest in dance – attendance is usually 25+ children. This aspect was funded through the SP.



All children in Year 3 and Year 6 complete a programme of swimming lessons at Newtown Swimming Baths. Our key aim in swimming is to ensure that all children are confident in the water and enjoy taking part in swimming activities. Due to the SP funding, 3 teachers attended swimming teaching courses delivered through our partnership with King Edwards Aston. This increased their skills and confidence in teaching swimming based on the TOPS swimming scheme. This year we will be sending additional teachers on this course. Furthermore, a qualified swimming coach worked alongside the teachers at the pool side to support them with their teaching skills for a 6 week period and we will be repeating this valuable support this year with our new Year 3 teachers.



Children at Yew Tree love playing cricket! Again, through our partnership with King Edwards Aston, we have a qualified coach (paid for from SP), who has been working with our children for 3 years now. He delivers a weekly lunchtime coaching sessions to children in Key Stage 2. 



Our Year 5/6 football team, which play in a league at Aston Villa Academy and regularly train in our after school club had a very successful season last year when they came second in the Aston Schools’ League. 2 of our Year 6 pupils have been signed by Walsall FC to join their junior academy. Year 5 came 2nd in the Power League Tournament. We plan to replicate the success of the football club again this year following a very strong start to the season. 2 children were also selected to play for the Aston District Team.


Sports Coach (partly-funded from SP)

We employed a number of sports coaches as part of an apprentice development scheme. They are very popular with the children and supports in several ways throughout the school day to improve participation and activity levels in PE and sport. These include: working in early years to develop children’s Physical Development; working alongside teachers in lessons to support the learning of skills; working with targeted groups of children in the playground to keep them actively involved in sports at playtimes as well as running afterschool clubs for all year groups. This year we plan to start a ‘change4life’ sports club. Due to this taking part in this scheme we were able to increase the provision of clubs focusing on fitness clubs for pupils of all ages.



Again last year, Year 5 took part in the annual Aston Olympics which was organized by the Titan Partnership. The volunteers at Aston University laid on a range of exciting inter-school competitions including: water polo, basketball, football and a gym challenge. The sporting attitude of our children was exemplary and they continue to be excellent ambassadors for sport in our area. Our children also had opportunities of inter-school competitions through the Aston Multi-skills sports festival at local secondary school and ‘Quad kids’ inter-school sports competition. Some of these opportunities were possible due to the school being part of the King Edwards School Sports Partnership funded through the Sport premium.

In the summer term, we held an inter year quad skills competition. Further increasing the opportunities for competing in sporting events this year will be key target of our next action plan. We also plan to take part in the Sainsbury’s school games.


Continuing Professional Development

Our partnership with King Edwards Aston allows us to take part in several, high quality courses which impact directly on our practice here in school.

A number of staff, NQT’s, post-NQT’s and experienced teachers have attended training through KESSP. Monitoring of PE demonstrates improvement across the school in PE provision and quality of learning for pupils.

We have appointed a new Sports Leader and her development has been supported by attendance at courses on PE Lesson observations and the role of the PE Leader as well as on courses such as improving the delivery of subjects such as rounders and hockey.