Sports and PE Action Plan

2015 – 16

Vision: A measureable and sustained improvement in school PE, underpinned by high-quality teaching that increases participation levels in physical activity, and leads to healthier pupils who are more engaged across the whole curriculum.

Aims: To meet the Sports premium criteria

l  Improve the quality of teaching and learning

l  Increase opportunities for extra curricular activities

l  Increase opportunities for competition

l  Improve activity levels

l  Improve subject knowledge and confidence in primary PE

l  Increase expectations

l  Develop assessment

l  Increase children’s physical activity time time

l  Achieving the balance - participation v performance

l  Sustainability is achieved through staff CPD

Measurable outcomes


(and by whom/resources needed)

Success Criteria

What will success look like


Who will monitor/evaluate



Improve opportunities for   children to take part in competitive sports.


Continue with Year 5 and Year   6 Aston Villa schools football league. (31 chn)

Schools Sports:

Register for and take part in   Sainsbury’s School Games initiative. (450 chn)


KE Primary School Games –   Interschool competition at Broadway School (8 chn)


KE Primary School Games – Interschool   competition at Trinity Road (12 chn)


KE Primary School Games –   Interschool competition. Venue tbc (12 chn)


Children to perform at   Broadway Dance Festival

Number of children who take   part in competitive sports has increased.

Opportunity for children to   take part in competitions in different sports.

H. Keen- PE/Sports Leader

Membership of King Edwards   Aston Schools Sports Partnership


(Total value £5,020)

Funded from Sports Premium


To improve the confidence and   skills of children in water.

Staff to use TOPS swimming   resources to plan multi-skills approach to swimming.

2 members of staff to attend   KESSP swimming training course.

Swimming coach to work   alongside teachers, 23rd Feb – 27th March and 20th   April to 22nd May.

To increase the number of   children who, by the end of KS2, can swim competently, confidently and   proficiently over a distance of at least 25 metres.

Children can use a range of   strokes effectively such as front crawl, backstroke and breaststroke.

Perform self-safe rescue in   different water based situations.

H. Keen,

Swimming teachers

Swimming budget

Training is funded from   Sports Premium


Continue to improve   children’s dance skills.

Dance teacher to continue to   deliver high quality dance lessons which link to the curriculum and cover a   wide range of dance styles from different cultures, including British dances.

Groups of children to perform   at Broadway Dance Festival.

Children to confidently   perform their dances to a wider audience including: different year groups,   parents and other school.

Children continue to build on   their skills in dance.

H. Keen

All teachers teaching Dance.

KDDK company

Dance teacher (KDDK) – ½ day   per week funded from school budget

Dance club – funded from Sports   Premium


Out of hours clubs

Children to be given a wide   range of extra curricular, sporting opportunities.

Dance – lunchtime clubs for   KS2

Dance – After School Club,   Tuesdays Autumn 1.

Athletics Club: Spring1 -   Tuesday

Handball Club: Spring 2 –   Wednesday

Cricket – lunchtime club   delivered by cricket coach supplied by KESSP.   KS2

Afterschool clubs:

Delivered by Sports coach:

Y3/4 – Mon -

Y5/6 – Tue

Y5/6 – Thurs – Football

Friday Match Day - H. Keen,   K. Barrington

Y5 and Y6 Football after   school league at Villa academy.

Sports linked to competitions   entered for:

Basketball, rounders,   cricket, athletics.

Lunchtime Activities- in Main   Hall.

All children get opportunity   to partake in a range of extra- curricular sports activities.

H. Keen

Sports Wise Coaches

KESSP coaches

Dance club – see costings for   dance above.

Aston Villa -

K. Barrington

H. Keen

B. Cox - Apprentice


Improve teaching and learning   in gymnastics

Gymnastics coaching for   teachers. Gymnastics coach, supplied   by KESSP to work with identified teachers for 6 afternoons to develop   competencies in teaching gymnastics course.  

Review and update planning   for gymnastics in light of coaching sessions.

Quality of teaching and   learning in gymnastics lessons improved.


KESSP coach

Funded through KESSP + £150

funded from Sports Premium

Sports Wise Coaches

To support school in engaging   children in a wide range of sporting activities.

Deliver range of out of hours   sporting activities for children across school. (See above) – sports coach   apprentice.

Support teachers in the   delivery of PE lessons.

Act as Play leaders during   children’s break-times, working with identified children to support positive   play.

Improved fitness and activity   levels of children.

C. Lane/ H. Keen

Sports Wise Coaches

funded from Sports Premium

Outdoor and Adventurous Activity

To provide a range of   exciting outdoor and adventurous activities which meet the needs of the new   national curriculum and develop children’s confidence and co-operation skills.

Hamstead Hall Outdoor Service   to deliver a programme of outdoor and adventurous activities from Year 1 to   Year 6.

Children have access to a   range of outdoor and adventurous activities across the school which   challenges them individually and as part of a team.

H. Keen,

E. Ridge (KS2 curriculum   leader),

Rashida Begum (KS1 Curriculum   leader).


School budget


To improve children’s   awareness of safety issues when riding a bike.

12 children from Year 6 to   receive 2 day Bikeability training in Summer term. Targeted children have   improved awareness of safety issues when riding bike on road.



Funded through KESSP (Value   £480)

funded from Sports Premium

Improve teaching and learning of PE

Staff development from   approved practitioners selected by KESSP

Early Years Course – 1 early   years teacher

Learning and teaching styles   in PE – NQT’s (x3)

Rounders ‘Prelimainary   coaching for teachers’ – 1 experienced teacher

PE Co-ordinators Course – PE   leader

Dance KS1 – NQT’s/Post-NQT’s

Handball Course – x3 experienced teachers

Dance planning for 1 unit per   year group needed.

P.E Planning to be updated.

Playground games lessons- 1/   2 lessons at the start of the year.

Quality of teaching and   learning in PE improved. H. Keen

Funded through KESSP   membership

funded from Sports Premium

Healthy Lifestyle Education 120 Y6 pupils to take part in   Hearts Roadshow delivered by Aston Athletics. Workshops on Healthy Eating, No   Smoking, Fitness and exercise.   Introduction to new sport not featured on curriculum. Children’s understanding of   Healthy Lifestyles improved. H.Keen